Author Robert A. Kaiser and his books: Project Yellow Sky: A Korean Conspiracy, 2084 Mars, A New World, Love Conquers Life's Challenges, The Horny Paradigm: A Detective Story, Outbound One: The First Starship, and The Dingus Migration.

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The Dingus Migration

How do you save your species by secretly integrating selected entities into an alien culture on a distant planet by peaceful means? This is the formidable task facing the Dingus civilization as they cope with the inevitable destruction of their home planet. The host star of their fragile system is in the last phases of becoming a red giant thereby enveloping their rocky habitat with searing heat that will destroy all existing life forms currently residing there. Their only hope is to find an alternate home capable of providing the environment suitable for sustaining their life form. The planet chosen is a non-descript ball of rock and water known by the inhabitants as Earth.

Outbound One: The First Starship

It's the story of mankind's initial venture to the stars and the challenges the brave colonists face during their mission to become the first humans to settle outside our home solar system. Share their reactions to both the physical hazards and mental conflicts posed by interstellar space travel and the conclusions drawn regarding the fitness of homo sapiens to travel to the stars. Available now in both hardcover and paperback editions.

The Horny Paradigm: A Detective Story

Love Conquers Life's Challenges

2084 Mars, A New World
2084 - Robert A. Kaiser

Project Yellow Sky: A Korean Conspiracy

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