About Me

I am a retired Chemical Engineer who worked for over 35 years for a large San Francisco engineering firm. The majority of my project assignments were in the field of uranium/plutonium processing of both civilian nuclear fuel and government weapons-related materials. I worked on a variety of projects at the Department of Energy's nuclear weapons development laboratory at Livermore, California.

The Dingus Migation

The Dingus Migration is a fictional story of the possible peaceful migration of alien life forms to the planet earth.

Outbound One The First StarShip

Outbound One is a fictional account of man's first attempt to travel to the stars. It examines both the technical and psychological problems that face the brave astronauts and colonists aboard humankind's initial interstellar journey.

The Horny Paradigm : A Detective Story

The Horny Paradigm is my attempt at writing humor as opposed to my earlier efforts at spy thrillers, science fiction, and love stories. If you enjoy detective stories of the type Bogart did so well, you should enjoy this.

Love Conquers Life's Challenges

Love Conquers Life's Challenges is a fictional account of one couple's romance and lifelong companionship after an unusual set of circumstances drive them together. The story begins in a small community in eastern Washington and follows their struggle to strike out on their own to build a family in the strange new land of California. Their experiences are intended to provide an example of how the gift of enduring love can overcome seemingly insurmountable odds.

2084 Mars, A New World

2084 Mars, A New World is a science fiction novel about a family that survives an atomic attack on Northern California and perseveres through drastic changes in the world order to lead a revolt on Mars in the year 2084. The book is now available on the Authorhouse and Amazon web sites.

Project Yellow Sky

Although Project Yellow Sky is a purely fictional account of a plot to steal nuclear weapons material processing secrets from Japan and the U.S., it is based in large part on my own experiences at Livermore as well as the current North Korean nuclear threat to the free world.

Some moments with my families.

I am currently enjoying my retirement in an east bay suburb of San Francisco. My family includes two sons and a daughter who live nearby. Besides my humble attempts at writing, I enjoy camping, gardening, astronomy, messing around on the piano, and the great game of golf. I'm sorry to say I am not a master at any of these but learn something new every day.

From time to time, I will post a few pictures of myself and our family outings. Thanks for your interest in my books.

More pictures to come...

Me & My Wife Judy

What A Wonderful Lady