About The Books

The Dingus Migration

The idea behind the story of The Dingus Migration was to tell the story from the perspective of the alien’s viewpoint and their reaction to the totally foreign customs and life styles of the human inhabitants of Earth.

Outbound One: The First Starship

The story of the Outbound One interstellar spacecraft is a chronological account of man's first attempt to reach the stars. It presents a fictional narrative of the possible unknowns the travelers encounter in their quest to establish a new settlement in an alien solar system.

The Horny Paradigm: A Detective Story

The Horny Paradigm is a spoof of all previous attempts at presenting "tough guy" detective stories in both written and "film noir" venues. It features detective Dan Francisco in the exciting adventures he encounters while solving the case of the Horny Device.

Love Conquers Life's Challenges

The book is a story of a couple's struggle to overcome some trying circumstances detrimental to their marriage and early life together. The essential facts of the story are based on actual events that occurred during the 1960's through the early 2000's. However, the names of places and persons have been changed and the details of the events are the creation of the author. It includes both their joyful experiences and their somewhat bizarre personal encounters while they strove to establish a secure family home in the San Francisco bay area. And although there are severe challenges and setbacks, their loving commitment to each other and their family sustains them through both the good times and the bad.

2084 Mars, A New World

The book is a sequel to the author’s first book, “Project Yellow Sky, A Korean Conspiracy” which told the story of an American Engineer’s involvement in U.S. attempts to foil a North Korean plot to attain world domination by nuclear intimidation and blackmail. It tells the story of a family that survives a Korean nuclear attack on U.S. soil to eventually form a revolutionary group to overthrow a newly formed militaristic, totalitarian government. It not only relates the harrowing experiences of the immediate family here on earth, but extends the family legacy to the year 2084 and beyond. Much of the action in the later years of the 21st century occurs in isolated colonies established on the planet Mars where the pioneering spirit of these rugged individuals overcomes seemingly insurmountable odds.

Project Yellow Sky: A Korean Conspiracy

A fictional account of an american engineer's inadvertent involvement in U.S. attempts to foil a North Korean sinister plot to attain world domination through nuclear intimidation and blackmail. Based on historical facts and recent / current events in the Far East. Written by a former engineer employed at the Department Of Energy's nuclear weapons development laboratory at Livermore, California.