Authors Notes & Book Summary

The Dingus Migration

The Dingus Migration is my attempt at providing some insight into the reaction of alien beings from an extraterrestrial planet to the culture and way of life of human civilization here on Earth.

Outbound One: The First Starship

The story of the Outbound One illustrates my ongoing interest in the fields of astronomy, cosmology, and celestial physics. I believe it provides a glimpse of the severe obstacles the first interstellar space explorers will face when journeying to the stars.

The Horny Paradigm: A Detective Story

The Horny Paradigm: A Detective Story, is my first attempt at writing a parody of all the previous “tough guy” detective stories that have been attempted in both film and written form. It follows the exploits of Dan Francisco, the bay area’s famous hard-boiled private eye, in his efforts to solve the case of the Horny Device. In case you’re wondering, this is not a Jacqueline Susann-type novel filled only with sex and innuendo. But I must say it was much easier for me to write a story emphasizing humor than more serious stuff.

Love Conquers Life's Challenges

The book tells of one couple's romance and lifelong companionship after an unusual set of circumstances drive them together. The story begins in a small community in eastern Washington and follows their struggle to strike out on their own to build a family in the strange new land of California. Their experiences are intended to provide an example of how the gift of enduring love can overcome seemingly insurmountable odds.

2084 Mars, A New World

The book is a sequel to my first book, “Project Yellow Sky, A Korean Conspiracy” and extends the story to the year 2084 and beyond. The book is a modern version of George Orwell’s novel, “1984” projected 100 years into the future. A worldwide planetary system of government has come to power to assure that deviant forms of terrorism no longer exist. Emphasizing strict adherence to governing council regulations prohibiting citizen dissent, it soon becomes a militaristic, totalitarian society requiring dedication to the “common good” with little respect for individual rights. It tells the epoch story of a family that becomes intimately involved in the inevitable emergence of a dissident underground group dedicated to overthrowing the existing authority. Beginning with a present-day attack on the United States by a rogue country, it chronicles the family history through the year 2084. Although colonies on the moon and the planet Mars have been established, society is still coping with what appears to be the eternal struggle for freedom. It takes the rugged pioneering spirit of the inhabitants of Mars to incite a revolution that will eventually result in the reemergence of original democratic ideals. The book will appeal to science fiction enthusiasts as well as followers of worldwide space programs. It also will appeal to those involved in maintaining mankind’s basic human rights.

Project Yellow Sky: A Korean Conspiracy

The book is a fictional account of an ordinary engineer who becomes involved in a sinister plot devised by mob gangsters, anti-establishment activists, and the North Korean government to hold the world hostage to nuclear terrorism. The story takes place in the SF Bay area, Japan and finally, North Korea. Californians who have lived in the bay area will be attracted to the descriptions of recognizable surroundings. Events that take place in Japan and North Korea will be of interest to people familiar with the Far East. The main characters are typical engineers, primarily those employed at Lawrence Livermore Lab and in San Francisco. Numerous engineers, technicians, and support personnel who are working or have worked in these jobs have expressed interest in this book. The plot is set in contemporary times and is based in large part on the current geopolitical situation in the Far East, particularly Japan and North Korea. It describes a plausible conspiracy scenario that could happen in the near future, especially considering the recent rise of international terrorism and North Korea’s latest nuclear tests. It will appeal to anyone concerned about world peace. Many of the story’s episodes are based on the author’s own 35+ years of engineering experience and are founded on actual events that occurred during his employment in the bay area and during several trips to Japan.