Outbound One:THe First Starship

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PublishAmerica Presents Outbound One by Robert A. Kaiser

Frederick, MD June 11, 2012 -- PublishAmerica is proud to present Outbound One: The First Starship by Antioch, California author Robert A. Kaiser.

Outbound One: The First Starship is a fictional account of man’s first attempt to leave our solar system by striking out in an interstellar journey to establish an outpost in a nearby star system containing an Earth-like planet. Kaiser’s masterpiece presents a chronological account of the physical events encountered during this historical mission as well as the psychological reactions of both crew and passengers to this one-way trip to the stars. It attempts to answer the recurring questions of the ability to the human race to survive interstellar space travel and to establish viable colonies beyond the limits of our own solar system or be doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past.

Robert Kaiser is a retired engineer engaged in a writing career began following his retirement from an engineering firm spanning nearly four decades. His previously published novels include a spy thriller titled, PROJECT YELLOW SKY, A KOREAN CONSPIRACY, a sequel science fiction story projected into the year 2084 titled, 2084 MARS, A NEW WORLD, a love story based on the life of a young couple raising a family in Northern California titled, THE GIFT OF LOVE OVERCOMES ADVERSITY, and a detective story spoof of the escapades of private eye Dan Francisco in his attempt to solve the case of the Horny Paradigm.

For further information, see Mr. Kaiser’s web site at robertkaiser.com.

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2084 Mars : A New World

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Cross-Generational New Sci-Fi Book Predicts Orwellian Future

Robert A. Kaiser Warns of Evolution of Centralized Government in the Futuristic Society

ANTIOCH, Calif. – In his spellbinding sequel to 2006’s Project Yellow Sky, 2084: Mars, A New World (published by AuthorHouse), Robert A. Kaiser continues the epic journey of the Funtley family from the harrowing experience of a nuclear attack and into the far future on Mars in the year 2084.

2084 traverses two separate time periods to tell the tale of one family, the Funtleys, over three generations from the present to the Orwellian future that lies ahead in 2084. Throughout the years, the Funtleys will face overwhelming adversity in order to live their lives with the most basic of human freedoms.

In 2009, the United States is dealt a crippling blow by the Korean government in a nuclear attack on US soil. In the wake of this tragic event, a new government is born and evolves into an interplanetary regime called the Planetary Governing Council. This Council has become the ruling authority over colonies on Earth, the moon and Mars, subordinating human rights to Council regulations.

Since Project Yellow Sky, Fred Funtleys involvement in US attempts to foil a North Korean plot to attain world domination by nuclear intimidation and blackmail have taken a terrible, unexpected turn, realizing Fred’s worst fears in the attack on San Francisco’s east bay. Fortunately, the Funtley family has survived the dreaded Korean nuclear strike, but during the chaos of the explosion and its aftermath, Jim and Gary Funtley were separated from their parents and their sister, Dana.

In the wake of the attack, the seeds of a new militaristic government will sprout and grow into a planetary government founded upon the ideals of protecting the worldwide population from deviant terrorism groups in 2084. The Planetary Governing Council soon becomes a militaristic, totalitarian society requiring dedication to the "common good," with little respect for individual rights. The original members of the Funtley family are responsible for creating and nurturing the Happy Campers, a group that is the driving force behind an eventual revolt against the Planetary Council. The great-grandson of Fred Funtley, Gavon, and his cohorts on the colony of Mars are the leaders of a working class uprising to overthrow their brutal masters and create a new government that recognizes basic human rights.

“2084 attempts to warn of the dangers of centralized government control over people’s lives and how this could evolve,” writes Kaiser. “It will not only appeal to those interested in international politics, but also the many conservative thinkers that are concerned that today’s world is becoming more socialistic and government-controlled than is desirable to protect human freedoms.”

Follow the cross-generational adventures of this rugged family of spirited individuals in the enthralling, foreboding pages of 2084 that remind us of the eternal vigilance required to protect our freedom.

Robert A. Kaiser is a retired chemical engineer with over 35 years experience as a process and project engineer for a large San Francisco engineering firm. He currently resides in a suburb of San Francisco’s east bay. For more information, please visit: www.RobertKaiser.com.

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Project Yellow Sky:A Korean Conspiracy

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Average Engineer Drafted for Top Secret Nuclear Mission in New Book

ANTIOCH, Calif. – Infiltrate the organization and break the conspiracy with Robert Kaiser’s new spy thriller based on current world events, Project Yellow Sky: A Korean Conspiracy (now available through AuthorHouse).

Fred has spent most of his career tangled up in corporate anonymity as a member of the “typical nondescript white collar commuting class.” An engineer for a San Francisco Bay Area engineering company, Fred’s life and job are filled with boring routine. When he is reassigned to a highly classified position at the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory which involves the transfer of nuclear processing technology to the Japanese, Fred jumps at the opportunity to infuse his life with some excitement. His new position involves frequent business trips to Tokyo. There, he befriends Japanese and American engineers involved in the project, is approached by secret CIA agents and becomes romantically involved with an exotic Japanese beauty.

Though the job is just the excitement he was hoping for, he realizes he is in over his head when he becomes involved in an undercover operation to foil a North Korean plot to steal nuclear secrets from the United States. With the help of a beautiful female engineer from the San Francisco home office, Fred must complete his mission successfully to avert certain worldwide nuclear blackmail!

The story’s appeal lies not just in its thrills, but also in its potential realism, Kaiser says. “The book will appeal to readers who enjoy spy thrillers and those that have an interest in current threats to worldwide nuclear security.” He says. “It presents a scenario that very well could happen in the near future if the world community does not remain vigilant against the many dangerous terrorist organizations that exist in the world today.”

Kaiser was inspired to write this story by his own experiences as a project engineer for a San Francisco Bay Area engineering firm. Now retired, he spent most of his more than 35 years of service working in U.S. and Japanese nuclear fuel and waste materials processing jobs. He also served as a consultant to the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory.

Project Yellow Sky is his first book. AuthorHouse is the premier publishing house for emerging authors and new voices in literature. For more information, please visit www.authorhouse.com